What is SOLCER?

Solcer will focus on combining low carbon technologies from each part of the energy system including:

  • renewable energy supply;
  • appropriate storage;
  • efficient, reduced demand.

Low carbon systems will be implemented and modelled for individual buildings, community and industrial sites and at a local authority/regional scale.

Through a series of case studies Solcer will help us to learn appropriate lessons about the drivers and barriers that prevent the large scale roll out of low carbon technologies.

These case studies will also help to understand the potential to match energy supply and demand in different situations to specify appropriate storage technologies.

Solcer will help to secure wider implementation of low carbon systems whilst also assisting with reducing carbon emissions. It will help with providing a more secure energy supply system whilst providing opportunities for developing a stronger low carbon industry in Wales.

The Solcer project is based around 5 work packages, these are:

These work packages are very integrated due to the cross disciplinary nature of a systems based approach.