Xiaojun LI

Research Assistant

Welsh School of Architecture, Cardiff University

  • Bute Building,
    King Edward VII Avenue,
    CF10 3NB
  • 029 20875017
  • Junglix@cardiff.ac.uk


With the background of Architecture, Xiaojun has done research and projects in both building and urban scale for years, focusing mainly on sustainability and low carbon issues in relation to the built environment. Her previous work in WSA included the developments of design guidelines for low carbon office building and low carbon Industry Park in China, consultancy work for low carbon design of high-rise building, etc. Xiaojun has also been involved in the development and testing of new software in WSA such as Virvil Plugin (a thermal simulation tool in urban scale), Office Space Sensitivity Tool (for five climate zones in China).

Role in SOLCER

Xiaojun works as a modeller in SOLCER, and will explore the integration of energy demand, supply and storage at community scale.


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