Stephen Batcup

Research Officer

School of Engineering, Swansea University

  • College of Engineering, Faraday building, Swansea University, Singleton Park,
    Swansea, SA2 8PP
  • 01792 295690


Stephen has many years of experience working in the area of Power Electronics, both at the semiconductor device level and at the systems level. His experience spans both manufacturing industry, where he was Product Engineer for Siliconix, and academia, where he has worked on many research projects related to Power devices and Power systems within Swansea University. He frequently works on projects which are collaborations between Swansea University and Industry. Typically, these projects will be short-term and focussed on a specific Power Electronics detail. He has experience of circuit design and fabrication, system design (including programmable systems) as well as test & measurement expertise.

Role in SOLCER

Stephen’s role within SOLCER is to work on the design and implementation of DC distribution networks at the nano- and micro- grid levels (i.e. domestic-scale grids). He will bring power electronics and power system expertise into the team while analysing, interpreting and incorporating research from other team members into the design of power system hardware. The DC networks developed within SOLCER will incorporate programmable devices for power systems management. His role will include developing strategies for power load management to ensure the most efficient use of available electrical energy at any given time, to source the equipment required, and to implement these strategies into functional demonstrators.


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