Dr Pete Burnap


Cardiff School of Computer Science & Informatic

  • Computer Science & Informatics,
    Cardiff University,
    Queen's Buildings,
    5 The Parade, Roath,
    Cardiff CF24 3AA, UK
  • 029 20876249
  • P.Burnap@cs.cardiff.ac.uk


Dr. Pete Burnap is a Lecturer in the School of Computer Science & Informatics. His experience is in supporting decision making: Building systems to support intelligence gathering, risk assessment, and decision making - "extracting knowledge from data"; Big Data and Text Mining: Collation, storage and analysis of text information and massive datasets ("Big Data") using natural language processing, pattern matching and machine learning techniquesIn relation to SOLCER, my interests are in the projection of energy usage and consumption; and modelling risk for emerging energy provisioning and ‘smart’ metering.

Role in SOLCER

Pete's role in the SOLCER project involves data analytics using alternative energy production and consumption data, with a view to predicting energy production shortfall and instability. The outcomes of this will feed a probabilistic risk model for a range of alternative energy systems. Moreover, he is also investigating the possibility of mining streamed social media to inform the risk models when disruptive events occur (e.g. unforeseen logistic, weather, telecommunication and health events).


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Burnap, P., Rana, O., Avis, N.(2013), ‘Making Sense of Self Reported Socially Significant Data Using Computational Methods’, International Journal of Social Research Methodology, Computational Social Science: Research Strategies, Design and Methods. Volume 16:2

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