Nargis Pauran

Research Associate

School of Engineering, Cardiff University

  • Cardiff School of Engineering
    Cardiff University
    Queen’s Buildings
    The Parade
    CF24 3AA


Nargis is currently a Research Assistant at the Cardiff School of Engineering, Cardiff University and works in close collaboration with Cardiff University School of Architecture. Her research interests focus on probabilistic models of risk assessment and decision support, Bayesian networks and causal models, decision support under uncertainty, machine learning, integrating data and domain knowledge, event detection and social media analysis.

Role in SOLCER

Nargis is undertaking research in data analysis, and risk modelling. The data used for the project are the results of the monitoring of temperature, humidity, solar radiation, wind speed and air flow in a residential property. This information is collected to investigate how to meet the residential demand for energy by renewable energy sources. A risk model for predicting the overall demand for energy per household will be developed by identifying variables from the data and determining relations between these variables. This model will also be used to inform about the changes in demand with times given new information about various risk events and thus, will help in the development of an energy storage system which can maximise the efficiency of the power supplied by the renewable energy sources considered.