Dr Zhongfu Zhou

Research Associate

School of Engineering Swansea University

  • Electronics System Design Centre, College of Engineering,
    Swansea University, Singleton Park, Swansea, SA2 8PP
  • 01792 602816
  • z.zhou@swan.ac.uk


Zhongfu’s main research interests are power electronics converters and real-time control for renewable energy power conversion systems. Research projects involved in recent years are: development of high efficiency PV inverters (as part of SPARC project), technical and economic feasibility study of a multi MW Wave Dragon offshore wave energy converter (FP6), and Electro-Thermal simulation of IGBT Inverter Power Module for TOYOTA Hybrid Vehicles. PhD, Sussex University (2004). Research officer, Swansea University (since 2004).

Role in SOLCER

Research on DC distribution within the home includes: simulation of various householder DC distribution system, possible system configurations and assessment, power loss calculation and efficiency analysis (WP3 demand).


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