Andy Proctor

Research Fellow

University of South Wales

  • University of South Wales,
    Hydrogen Centre,
    Baglan Energy Park,
    Port Talbot,
    SA12 7AX
  • 01639 814510


Andy is a Chartered Chemical Engineer with 29 years experience in the chemical industry mainly in Wales. He has had several roles in the chemical industry in South Wales, but most relevant to the role of hydrogen use in energy storage, that includes involvement in building, commissioning & running Hydrogen Production Plant from Steam reforming with product purification using Pressure Swing Adsorption. The processes also included hydrogen compression to storage; with distribution via pipeline and vehicles.

He has also been involved some work the water industry in the UK on anaerobic digestion & sewage sludge drying processes.

Role in SOLCER

Andy's main role in SOLCER is leading the engineering of hydrogen energy production, storage and usage systems at the hydrogen centre so that he can test run and gather data on the technologies.

This includes the install of water based electrolysers to produce hydrogen and the associated systems required to run them - the water purification systems and gas piping systems to the hydrogen compression & storage.

That stored hydrogen can then be used as a the stored energy to produce electricity in a fuel cell or fuel vehicles.

For SOLCER he is leading the completion of the stationary fuel cell which includes adding more detailed data gathering. The systems are larger than lab scale so they need designing, installing & maintaining to various European and UK engineering standards normally required in the chemical industry.